Where can I put signs for a garage sale?

The City of Lake Saint Louis allows only two garage sales to be conducted at the same location within any calendar year. No garage sale may continue for more than three days. Before conducting your sale, you must notify the Police Department Dispatch Office at 636-625-8018 of the time, date and location of your event as well as the name, address and telephone number of the person or persons responsible for conducting the sale.  In general terms garage sale signs are not permitted but signs may be posted on parked vehicles so long as the vehicles are legally parked. You may also place signs on your property, so long as they are in place only on the day and during the hours of the sale. Garage sale signs must be no larger than 5 square feet.

Directional signs which direct potential customers to the sale are permitted in the City right of way as long as they are not larger than 3 sq ft and not taller than 3 feet.  The signs can be located one (1) per intersection in any one (1) direction.  They cannot be posted for more than one (1) day before and one (1) day after the sale or event and they can only be up for a maximum of three (3 consecutive days).    

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