"Official" City Tree

                                The Lake Saint Louis Tree Board has officially opened voting!

  • For the past 21 years (and counting,) The City of Lake Saint Louis has been a proud member of Tree City USA. In celebration of this achievement the Tree Board decided it’s time to adopt a species to be the “official” tree for Lake Saint Louis. Like the Flowering Dogwood, which is the Missouri State Tree, this would be a symbol of our city. The Tree Board has identified three species that best represent the landscape of our wonderful city. Your help is now requested to vote for which one you feel best identifies with our city. Here you will find a brief description and voting will be open through July 1. The winning tree will be announced at the Lake Saint Louis  Arbor Day Ceremony on October 14th.  All are invited to vote and attend.                                                                                                                      
  •                                                                                CLICK HERE TO VOTE 

black gum 3
Black Gum 2 .png
Black Gum


A medium size species, the BLACK GUM tree boasts a rich grey bark. The April-May spring flowering blooms are small, not showy but are highly nutritious to birds and bees alike. His summer foliage is a deep, glossy green on a medium size leaf. And the Black Gum is most magnificent in autumn. He hosts fall colors of sunset gold to pumpkin orange and reds so deep they are almost purple. This winter hardy tree grows more graceful as it ages and is resistant to summer droughts. Not to be confused with the sweet gum (gum ball trees) this tree is a favorite for City Parks and was selected for the arbor day tree at Boulevard Park for the past few years.

erb 3
erb 2


A graceful lady, this is a smaller sized tree and when she begins to crown her rosy purple clusters of flowers, it is a sure signal winter is finally over. The EASTERN RED BUD is often found in open woodlands, along the margins of streams and bluffs and  the white tailed deer find her a tasty delight. This tree is incredibly popular for landscaping and can be found on many properties throughout the City.



With beautiful creamy white blooms under a canopy of full sun and hosting a captivating fragrance, the JAPANESE TREE LILAC is both non-native and non-invasive. It is often selected as an ornamental focal point along streets and sidewalks. Attracting both butterflies and hummingbirds she can reach a mature height of 20 feet. The Japanese Tree Lilac can be found on the islands along Lake Saint Louis Blvd.