Room Reservation

Lake Saint Louis Civic Center Facilities Use Regulations

In order to establish controls concerning the use of the facilities in the City Hall Civic Center by outside groups, the following shall apply:  

  1. An application for use of the facilities shall be filed with the City Clerk/Licensing Office, who shall schedule the use of the room. City functions shall have priority over all other activities.
  2. Use of the facilities shall be restricted to non-profit civic groups or organizations, not for retail/social functions.
  3. The City shall have the right to countermand the use of any of the facilities at any time if it is considered in the best interest of the City.
  4. No equipment shall be brought into the building without written permission.
  5. No fee shall be charged for admission to any function held in the building.
  6. The building shall be closed on all City holidays.
  7. The person whose signature appears on the application must provide identification, must be a resident of Lake Saint Louis and shall be responsible for the proper use of the facilities, for fulfilling the provisions of these regulations and for the orderly conduct of the meeting.
  8. Groups using the facilities shall leave them in a neat, orderly condition. The cost of any cleanup necessary will be charged to the applicant.
  9. Hours of availability will be from 6 pm to 10 pm, Monday – Friday (after business hours) – no weekends.
  10. A cash deposit of $100 shall be collected at the time of application and shall be refunded in full, less the cost for clean up or damages to the facility. (see inspection list on application)
  11. Applicant, with proper identification and original deposit receipt, must pick up the cash deposit from the finance dept. during normal business hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays) the next business day after the meeting.
  12. No food or drink shall be allowed in meeting rooms.
  13. Rooms may not be reserved more than 30 days in advance.

Failure to follow the above Regulations will result in forfeiture of the deposit.


Click here for Room Reservation Application

Call (636) 625 -7934 to check availability of rooms. Then submit your completed application with your cash deposit to 

the City Clerk's office at 200 Civic Center Drive,  Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367