Office of the Chief of Police

The men and women of the Lake Saint Louis Police Department remain committed to making our community one of the safest within the State of Missouri.  Their dedication to serving you has continually allowed us to enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the area. 

We continue to show an ongoing decline in many categories of crime along with a reduction in auto accidents.  Through community partnerships and our outreach programs, we connect with residents in order to keep our neighborhoods and business districts safe.

In modern-day law enforcement, we face many challenges as we find those who commit crimes are utilizing enhanced technology and more efficient methods to further victimize innocent people.  Our agency remains vigilant in countering these criminal efforts by providing our officers with the highest quality of training, the most updated technology, and other resources necessary to combat this ever-evolving problem.

          Chief Chris DiGiuseppi

Chief Digiuseppi
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