Dispatch Communications


The staff in our dispatch center is responsible not only for providing fast, efficient and courteous service to citizens, but also for the safety of the police officers in Lake Saint Louis and Cottleville while they perform their duties. Our personnel hold lives in their hands every minute of every day. 

The communications division is staffed by six full-time and one part-time dispatch communications officers, plus one supervisor. 

Dial 911 only to report emergencies such as crimes in progress or serious illness or injury. For all other calls, please use our 7-digit non-emergency number: 636-625-8018.

Calling 911 - Help Us Help You

  • Speak clearly into the telephone and speak directly to the 911 operator.
  • Speak in plain English, do not use police jargon.
  • Do not talk with other people while on 911.
  • Do not put the 911 operator on "hold."
  • Know the exact location where help is needed.
    • Building Number Cross Street or Nearest Intersection
    • Street Address
    • Suite or Apartment Number
  • Give your name, address and telephone number, even if it is different from where help is needed.
  • If you do not wish to have an officer see you, simply tell the 911 operator.
  • Tell the 911 operator exactly what you see, hear or smell.
  • Do not assume the 911 operator already knows why you are calling.
  • Answer all questions the 911 operator asks. This is for your safety and the safety of responding personnel.
  • Do not hang up the telephone until asked to do so by the operator.
  • Once you have given all the information, please do not call back to see if help is on the way.