Municipal Court Staff


The Lakes Saint Louis Municipal Court is composed of the following positions:

  • Municipal Judges,      Division 1: Judge Dennis R. Chassaniol, II                                                                                    Division 2: Judge Joseph  J. Porzenski
  • Court Administrator:  Mary Vance, CCA
  • Deputy Court Clerk:  Theresa Dolson, CCA
  • Bailiffs
  • Volunteers

Municipal Judges

The Municipal Judges oversee the administration of the Municipal Court and presides over all arraignment hearings and trials held in his Court, along with setting all bonds and signing arrest warrants. 

The Municipal Judges positions are part-time and are appointed by the Mayor and Board of Alderman.

Court Administrator

The Court Administrator, (CA), is a full time position responsible for administrative work in planning, organizing, coordinating, and scheduling of all court related matters. The CA oversees and supervises Court personnel and all activity of the Municipal Court, including financial activities associated with the collection of bonds, fines and costs in accordance with general accounting principles, and state and local laws.

The Court Administrator and staff are under the direction of the Municipal Judge and the Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court. The Court Clerks cannot dismiss cases, give any legal advice or extend time in which to pay fines due and owing.

Deputy Court Clerk

The Deputy Court Clerk is a full time position and is under the immediate supervision of the Court Administrator. The Court Clerk is required to handle a multitude of clerical duties and takes on a lot of additional responsibilities in the absence of the Court Administrator.


The Bailiff(s) is currently a volunteer and assists the Judge and staff during session. The Lake Saint Police Department  provides security and is present to maintain order in the Courtroom pursuant to the direction of the Judge.


The Court currently has three volunteers. They are residents of the city and give graciously six to twenty hours a month of their time.