Snow Removal Procedures

The Lake Saint Louis Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal on approximately 180 lane miles of roadway and will deploy vehicles to eight routes removing snow on two 12-hours shifts throughout a winter storm in order to provide 24 hour winter coverage. Crews are also in contact with police dispatchers and a roving supervisor/mechanic with plow truck can direct them to additional areas needing treatment, or assist directly in a winter storm.


Streets are managed in the following order, giving priority to providing access for emergency vehicles.

  1. Major Arterials and Collectors
  2. Minor Collectors and longer residential streets
  3. Shorter residential streets and cul-de-sacs

Bare Pavement Policy

The City does not have a “Bare Pavement” policy.  Therefore, under certain conditions, some patches of packed snow may be left on roads. In practice, this is rare. 

Measures Taken

To effectively provide snow and ice control, the Department uses snow plowing in conjunction with the application of road salt. Rock salt, even with its known environmental draw backs, is still the principal element used for ice control purposes.

In an effort to reduce the amount of salt used, our trucks are equipped with liquid prewet systems. These systems spray salt brine mixed with "beet juice" (an agricultural byproduct high in carbohydrates) on the salt as it leaves the hopper on the back of the truck. This liquid increases the effectiveness of salt and reduces bounce of the salt particles keeping more salt on the street and out of yards.

Public Concerns

The City of Lake Saint Louis is aware of public concern regarding environmental impacts associated with the use of road salt for snow and ice control purposes. Even with known environmental concerns, recent studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration concluded that salt is still the most effective means of snow and ice control for roadways and sidewalks.

Recognizing that proper use of snow and ice control agents is important; the City of Lake Saint Louis reduces, and sometimes eliminates use of salt on minor residential (“Priority 3”) streets and during periods of heavy snow. City crews will continue to salt intersections, curves and hills on all streets during plowing operations. This managed use of salt placement, together with timely snow plowing efforts will continue to promote safe travel on City streets during the winter months while helping to diminish a potential risk to the environment associated with salt usage.

Your Pubic Works Staff has years of experience in snow and ice fighting operations, which is important in the implementation of this critical work. Their experience in a variety of demanding situations is an essential ingredient to an effective winter maintenance effort. Your cooperation will greatly assist them in these efforts and is greatly appreciated.