Sewer Lateral Insurance

Annual Fee

The service costs $20 for an annual assessment. The fee is paid with annual real estate taxes.

  1. Program Coverage
  2. Items Not Covered
  3. Eligible Properties

The program covers:

  • All required street, sidewalk, and/or driveway replacement associated with the repair
  • Repairs to private sewer laterals from the exterior building foundation wall to the public sewer
  • Seed or sod for yard repair

Repairs are to correct broken or separated lateral pipes. Root intrusion alone is not covered by the program.

Quick Facts

  • Average Cost Per Repair: $2,500 to $4,000 (Estimated Range)
  • Average Number of Repairs Per Year: 30

Repair Process

  1. Contact a contractor to complete sewer lateral cleaning and televising. 
    1. Contractor will schedule an appointment to visit the site.
    2. In some instances the contractor will be able to video the line with no cleaning of the line. Property owner will pay for one CCTV investigation.
    3. If the line is clogged the contractor will use the high velocity cleaning method to clean the line and video the line if possible. Property owner will pay for one CCTV investigation and one high velocity cleaning.
    4. If an outside clean-out is not available and high velocity cleaning is deemed to be a risk to property damage, the contractor will cable and video the line.  Property owner will pay for one CCTV investigation and one cable.
    5. If roots block adequate inspection on the video after cabling the contractor will use high velocity cleaning before a second video.  Property owner will pay for the high velocity cleaning and the prior cabling, but not the second CCTV investigation.
    6. If no clean-outs are available the contractor will attempt to video and cable from the roof or remove a toilet for access.  Property owner will pay for work performed.  If CCTV investigation cannot be performed, or if it is inconclusive the property owner will be responsible for having an exterior clean-out installed, or providing basement access by removing drywall etc.
  2. If CCTV investigation shows covered defects in the sewer line, submit an application along with prior year’s paid property tax receipt and a video of lateral performed by applicant’s plumber.
  3. If the repair is deemed eligible by the Public Works Department the applicant will be provided with a licensed contractors list and bid package to use to obtain three bids. The bids shall be returned to the city for review and the city will approve the lowest qualified bid.
  4. The Public Works Department will then issue authorization to the homeowner to execute an agreement with the contractor of his/her choosing in the amount of the lowest bid. The City will issue a permit and inspect the repair work.
  5. Once the work is completed, the City will issue payment on the next available warrant in the form of a two party check made payable to the homeowner and the contractor.


Funds for the program are distributed on a first come first serve basis until the funds have been depleted. If funds are depleted, applications can still be submitted and reviewed and eligible projects will be placed on a waiting list for the next year. If funds remain at the end of the year they will carry over to the next year. There is a limit of one covered repair per year per property. The program will provide a maximum of $7,500 per household. Any charges in excess of $7,500 are the homeowner’s responsibility.

If the bid exceeds the maximum cap of $7,500 the resident may apply to the Board of Alderman for consideration of a hardship adjustment prior to commencing work (additional coverage that would apply to the repair). Hardships are only intended for cases of unusual expense and typically involve improvements owned by a party other than the property owner such as a neighbor’s driveway, city street, utility conflicts, and the like. 

All city bills must be up to date and all debts paid to the city to qualify for the program. A warranty will be provided by the contractor to the resident for all work completed (minimum of 1 year).

Emergency Repair

A sewer lateral that is severely collapsed, where cabling of the sewer lateral has failed to open the blockage will be considered an emergency repair. With the approval of the Director of Public Works or his designee the applicant may forego the standard application process and standard bidding practice. The City will commence repair, usually within 24 hours.

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