Real Estate Tax

City real estate tax is due from all city property owners annually at December 31st.  City real estate tax is separate from St. Charles County real estate tax and other annual assessments due to Community Associations.  The City mails real estate tax bills in late November to the owner and address provided by St. Charles County unless the bill is requested by a lender/real estate tax escrow service.  In that case, the bill is mailed to the requesting entity.  The City does not mail bills to both in order to minimize duplicate payments.

The City is not able to control the bill once it is in the mail.  If you don’t receive a bill before December 31st and you don’t pay a lender/escrow service to handle your real estate taxes, you should contact the City to request a bill.  If you don’t know if you are escrowing, please contact your lender.

If you purchased a property in the City during the year, you will owe property taxes at December 31st.  Please make sure that an adjustment is made on your closing statement for city taxes specifically, and that you and your lender (if you use a lender) agree who is responsible for paying your city real estate tax.

The City will not abate interest for late payment under any circumstances.

You can request a tax bill or a receipt via email from