Boulevard Park Rain Garden Project

Boulevard Park Rain Garden (JPG) Opens in new windowThe City of Lake Saint Louis through a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has constructed a rain garden and bioretention area demonstration project within Boulevard Park.

Purpose of Rain Gardens

Rain gardens slow water flow, minimize flooding, and improve water quality in rivers and lakes. Rain gardens like this one can be used to reduce your stormwater footprint as well as address soggy or poorly drained areas in your yard. Rain gardens are planted with native Missouri plants which have deeper root structures to promote infiltration and improve drought tolerance. 


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

Make Your Own Rain Garden

Plan your own rain garden using the rule of thumb that the size of your rain garden should be 10 to 30% of the square footage of your roof or other impervious areas draining to it.

Online Resources

Online sources to help you build your own rain garden: