How You Can Help

These tips can help to expedite snow removal and ensure public safety:

  • Children are attracted to snowplow trucks. Teach your children to stay behind the sidewalks when they see the trucks coming.
  • Keep trees trimmed back along streets.
  • Park your vehicles in the driveway and don't allow any vehicles to hang out into the roadway. Cars in the roadway hinder the performance of the snow removal operations.
  • Portable basketball goals, hockey goals, skate board ramps and other portable structures should be removed from the street in order that the plow trucks can reach to the curb and not damage the truck or portable structures.
  • Remember to clear sidewalks adjacent to your property.
  • Some trucks are capable of plowing multiple lanes of snow at one time; avoid passing or driving beside these trucks.
  • Stay back at least 50 feet from the rear of the plow truck so the driver can see you. (If you can't see the driver in his mirrors he can't see you).
  • When shoveling your driveway, avoid placing the snow from your driveway back into the street. You will also find that less snow is pushed into your driveway by shoveling the snow from your driveway to the down side of your driveway (down street is the direction traffic flows).