Commemorative Program

Boulevard Park


  • Memorial trees provide a beautiful and long-lasting tribute for an individual or special occasion.
  • Trees enhance City parks for everyone to enjoy.
  • Trees cool air temperatures and reduce air pollution.
  • Trees provide a habitat for wildlife.

Donors may elect to plant a new tree or adopt an existing tree. When you choose to plant a new tree, you will select the species from a predetermined list of flowering, shade, and evergreen trees that thrive in our Eastern Missouri climate.

New Trees

Your tree will measure 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and be planted at an appropriate time in Boulevard, Founders, or Hawk Ridge parks. This is typically done during spring and fall. A 4 by 6 inches bronze plaque will be placed at the base of the tree with your personalized inscription. Planting location may be chosen by the donor with the guidance of the City's Horticulturist and you will be provided with a Commemorative Certificate. The price for planting a Memorial/Commemorative Tree is $350 per tree.

View the current list of recommended tree species (PDF). You can view any of these trees at the Missouri Botanical Garden website.

Existing Trees

An existing tree may be adopted at Boulevard, Founders, or Hawk Ridge parks. You may choose any tree within the park not already adopted. The fee to adopt an existing tree is $350. A 4 by 6 inches bronze plaque will be placed at the base of the tree with your personalized inscription. You will also receive a certificate of adoption. If for any reason the existing tree dies, we will provide another existing tree of our choice for your plaque.

Veterans Memorial Brick

Engraved commemorative bricks are offered for placement at Veterans Memorial Park so that family and friends may honor all those, present and past, who have served in the military. Orders for additional bricks are still being taken and are placed twice a year so that installation can be made prior to Memorial Day (May 28) and Veterans Day (November 11). Orders are placed 6 weeks prior to each holiday.  Forms received within 6 weeks of the upcoming holiday will be placed on the following order cycle.

Up to three lines of text can be engraved onto a 4 by 8 inches brick which will be placed at Veteran's Memorial Park. Each line may have up to 18 characters (including blanks and punctuation). Text will be centered in all uppercase letters.  Messages will be reviewed for approval by the Lake Saint Louis Veterans Committee.  For questions or advice on appropriate messages please contact the Parks Department.  Appropriate messages include: Rank, Name, Outfit, Where Served and Years in Service.